Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Thanks Ameila

I was reading
blog, and saw this great
where you can make a cool picture with the letters of your name. How fun. I went a little nuts and did the whole family. heehee!! Very fun. You can change each letter until you like it. Try it!

This and That

I've got a fun set up on ebay. This one was so much fun!

Got up at 4am yesterday to take Ty to the airport to spend his summer in Oregon with Sean. He was so excited! Talked my ear off at the airport for 2 hours. lol. He called me at 2pm my time to let me know he got there okay. I could HEAR the smile on his face! He gets to do this every year and gets very excited around April and drives us bonkers until it's time to leave in June. lol

My baby (16) has his first job. He's a cashier at a grocery store :) . He is loving having his own money (after what we make him put in savings of course). Saving up for a Wii :)

All I have to say is WOW!