Saturday, January 3, 2009

Look what my baby can do!

I know they aren't perfectly in focus, but the memory of these is just precious! :)

Change change change!

I'm a bit of a non-committal spaz when it comes to my blog background. I LOOOOVE this site here: Cutest blog on the block . But I also love tinkering in photoshop and making my own. So please excuse the constant change in colors, textures, and junk. I'm still trying to make up my mind. I can never commit to anything I swear! Lucky I could commit enough to get married! HA!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


My little O-man.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

From our house to yours....

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Poor Kezmee!

(Kezmee is what he used to call himself when he was little. He couldn't say Kevyn. and now the poor little guy is stuck with this nickname forever. haha!)

Aneeeeeway.... Poor little guy broke a molar. Had to go to the dentist and have it pulled. That sucker was broken into bits. Had a filling in it at one point. I don't know what happened, but we were at dinner and he handed me a piece of his tooth. UGH. He said he had no pain (it's a baby tooth), so we were very thankful. Money is tight, so we were freaking a little bit on the cost. In Virginia, when he got a tooth just filled a teensy bit, after insurance, it was over $100! Well, here, apparently all it cost us was $14. Thank goodness! Little man has to go back in a couple weeks to get a spacer put in. Not sure how much that one will cost. Not sure I wanna know right now. LOL. Just glad he's okay, and there wasn't any pain. Well, I'm sure he'll have a little bit now, though. sigh.

Monday, December 29, 2008

One more edit.

What can I say, I'm an action whore. I love this acid action!

Rock on!

She is in LOVE with her Santa gift this year!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

How to title this one?

I'm not good at summing up sad news to a title.... so I won't try.
I've been following this blog for a while now. Hoping and praying for a miracle for them. Sad and joyful at the same time. One of her last prayers was what she called "a selfish prayer" (but I don't see it that way at all!!), and all she wanted was for her baby boy to be born alive. So she and her fiance could look him in the eyes and show him how much he was loved. I am glad to say, they got a few precious hours with their sweet miracle. But he has now since passed.
What breaks my heart even more is that one of her friends went through a similar journey not too long ago. It breaks my heart to hear of such things. Makes me feel guilty to being upset over my childrens loud voices today. Oh how they wish they had that to deal with.

Please pray for strength for them. I can only begin to imagine the pain.