Thursday, May 8, 2008

The birthday girl!

Have 3 years really gone by THIS fast?? When did my baby girl go from drooling to chatting up conversation with her imaginary friend Miss Emily?
She had a fun day spoiled by us. We took the princess out for lunch (tacos, at her request... which she ate none of. LOL). And she got her Barbies and Barbie Convertible and of course clothes... she is a girly girl after all!

Soon.... oh my!

Moving day is soon. I'd love to know when. But the Coast Guard is in procrastination mode (like my hubby most days LOL). They made us wait about 6 weeks longer than usual to find out where we were moving to...
We are supposed to report July 1st. So we need to find a home before then of course. Which means we should get down there in about 5 weeks. Well, they still haven't set a time to come pack our stuff and move it down there. They said that they can give us a date in about 2 weeks. Well, usually that means 2 months from the date they let us know. Um, I need my stuff before then! EEK! So we may end up having to pack it all ourselves, pay for storage, pack it back up into a moving truck and unpack it ourselves with no help since we won't know anyone when we get there. Wow. Sound like fun? hmmm.
I am NOT a procrastinator. I do not like waiting (well who does, really?). I like to know when, where, how, etc. and I like to know all of it asap. Is that a lot to ask? (don't answer that. LOL!)