Saturday, January 24, 2009


I loved this toy as a child!

I would sit and create wonderful things like this for hours:

Mary posted this site HERE where you can have fun and create some really cool things! I'm not creative enough to make some of the fun things on their site, but I made this anyway:

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Okay, I decided I wanted to be able to just come and go as I pleased and not worry about some darn maid coming into my room and taking my camera. Yep, I'm paranoid that way. So I took my p&s. I'm happy with the fuzzy grainy memories. They'll do. Next time if we stay a little longer, I'll bring the big guy. But I only get to see my best friend so often, so we decided to just run and play :)

Here are a few things I snapped:

Our room. Much bigger than it looks. 25th floor. Overlooking the Bellagio and the fountain show. Lovely!

View from the room.

The four of us in the old Downtown Vegas. So many neat shops and old casinos.

M&M world was the coolest store ever. 4 stories of Chocolate. and all things related to the brand. YUMMY! Next door was the Coca Cola shop. 4 more stories of fun!

The Bellagio and Ceasar's Palace during the fountain show. It was beautiful in person!

I love love love Vegas at night.

The boobs and butts wall at Mandalay Bay! OMG Cracked us up!

We went to a shark tank aquarium and they had tons of cool things. This little guy winked at me. Okay, actually he was BIG!

I want one of these. lol

They had 2 of these. Also had tanks you could walk over and stand on the glass and look down. They kind of freaked me out, so I went around them. LOL!

Monday, January 19, 2009

I Heart Faces Week 2 :)

Love this blog!

Abby is such a sweet cooperative photo subject. I took this one in the living room with my husband's baby blanket as the backdrop.