Friday, July 6, 2007

Baby it's HOT!

Why is it that on the hottest days is when things go wrong with your car? I'm driving 25 minutes to my favorite fabric store when I feel hot air coming out of my a/c. But only on the drivers side vents. One vent on the passenger side works. I'm trying to move the vent to point to me with a pen, all while trying to stay in my lane. EEK. I'm HOT. I don't do hot well anymore. This poor California girl spent way too many winters in Buffalo NY and is now a big ole baby in the heat. Now granted, us CA girls aren't used to the humidity. So I feel that about this, I can whine freely. :) It's hot and humid, and I need yet another shower.

this of course, did not impede me from spending my hard earned money at the fabric store :D haha!