Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My pretty princess

I just wanted to show a couple of pics I have taken of my sweet daughter over the past couple of weeks. She sure is a fun subject!


I made these fun little cake-pops. So yummy!

Not as easy to make as I was hoping. There were some... interesting shaped ones. But the funky ones tasted just as good as the good ones. Even dh liked making them. Not as much as he liked eating them, though. HAHA!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Things that make you go WTH???

This is what I get for being too nice. One of my friends and I were fooling around on the computer one day when work was really slow. We were looking up old friends. I came across one. Okay, he was more than a friend. We dated. He was always a funny guy. A bit weird, but hilarious. I wrote him a little postcard to say "hi, how are you doing, etc." Gave him my cell number since I was in CA at the time... that was the only way to get hold of me.
Anyway, he called me, we had a generic chat. How've you been, what are you up to, what have you done in the last 10 years? Nothing big at all. We had exchanged emails (me two, him one). No phone calls other than that one in September.
Fast forward to Saturday at 11pm. My phone rings. just once. Caller ID said it was him. Both dh and I assumed it was either an accidental call (sat on his cell or something) or he saw how late it was. Didn't think anything of it.
Then the phone rings at 2am. Guess who? I hit "silence" on my phone and waited for the voicemail. He was obviously drunk, apologizing for calling so late, said he'd call later. apparently later was 10 minutes later... Silenced again. Voicemail again. This one made my skin crawl. He says something like "I know you're not available. You're married. Well, I know you spent some time in CA, and was wondering if you wanted to do it again. Like maybe come spend New Year's with me in San Francisco? Well, It's late. I'll call you later this weekend."
First off, idiot... it's 2am. I'm in bed next to my husband. Smart time to call. Yep, you got it. at 2am, that's exactly what was on my mind. An affair with my ex. And I don't want to hide it. I want my hubby to know right away. YEAH RIGHT MORON! OMG the nerve. I'm thoroughly disgusted.
Then today, I get an email that is far from apologetic. Just something stupid about him being drunk and how it was probably inappropriate. YOU THINK? Then proceeded to say that he hadn't had a girlfriend since me. That was 1998!!!!
Sheesh, I opened a can of big ole worms by mailing him that postcard, didn't I? You'd think you'd maybe try to strike up a few conversations to see first if I'm open to an affair. LOL Guess he wanted to jump a few spaces ahead to GO. Sorry, buddy, but it ISN'T GOING TO HAPPEN!!

Can anyone say Obsess much??

Holy crap, I need a drink. A big one.