Monday, August 20, 2007


Can you believe it? I got to go on vacation BY MYSELF for 7 days! No kids, no dh. Just me, me, and a little more of me. I spent time with my mom, my sister....her kids and dh, and tons of my friends.

I have known these girls since elementary school! That was over 26 years ago!

and these girls I spent most of my high school time with:

Here's my sister (on the left) and her friend (and mine) Patricia:

As you can see, I have a bit (lol) of a sunburn. My neice (bless her) was kicking sand all over me, and I got distracted. Managed to get sublock on one arm and my face, and forgot the rest of me after I picked all the sand out of my hair. (eek!). So I ended up with 2nd degree burns on my legs (ouch), sun poisoning, and a lovely allergic reaction to it all. Puffy feet, tons of peeling, and a week later, I'm on the mend. But I ignored it as best as I could and enjoyed my vacation amongst pain and puffiness! LOL

I had the best time and half of me wishes I was still there ;). But I missed home a lot, and am glad to be here, too!