Saturday, January 31, 2009

Can I have a do-over?

First half of the week went fine. Work was good. Latter half, not so much.

Work was fine. No issues there. We got out of there in good time. It was still light out. Driving down Lejeune Blvd to the base main gate. I'm in the right lane with one car in front of me about 3 car lengths ahead. In the next lane is a red jeep about 3 lengths ahead of him. We are the only cars on the road for about 3 blocks. From the left comes a big Husky dog running across the street. He wriggled loose from his leash and rain into the street. The jeep ran right into him. I watched the whole thing in horror. It's like it played out in slow motion. I could see the dog being pummled under the wheels. Then he's lifeless. The guy in the jeep hits his breaks, but then I guess he decided it wasn't worth his time, and he takes off. I pulled to the side of the road along with the other car, and I dialed 911. So PISSED that the a$$hole just took off! So I'm sitting there watching the owner of the dog crying, picking up the lifeless dog and carrying him across the street. I'm sitting there in my truck waiting for the police. Can't call hubby and let him know what's going on, as the police put my phone in Emergency mode. I felt so bad for the owner. He had the leash in his hands still. He said he really appreciated me stopping and staying there. Not many people would. I certainly found that out as I was sitting on the side of the road with my hazards on, and only one person stopped to see if I needed help. Hmm.

I didn't have to be to work until 10am. So I did a little shopping before I went in. Hmm, seems like a good day so far! I get to work, and our computers keep going offline. Not so great on a Military Payday in a military town when you can't get any account information for them. OMG made for SUCH a looooong day! I passed out at 9:3o. And I NEVER fall asleep before midnight.

1:30am. I wake up to my 8 year old throwing up. Oh boy. So I go upstairs and find that he threw up on:
a comfortor
mattress cover (mind you, this is one that zips all the way onto the mattrewss
2 sheets on his bed
both his pillows
his brother's blanket and sheet
the railings of the bed
the floor
under the bed (eww)
the floorboards
and the wall

So I had to stay awake doing laundry until almost 4am, so no one had to wake up to the smell of vomit in the house.

Cross your fingers for Sunday!!! The game better be a good one!