Sunday, August 23, 2009

A's 1st day. Oh what a day it was!

Abby is our shy child. She's LOUD and sorry to say, a tad bit obnoxious when she's at home with her brothers. But if you take her out in public, she will not say a word to anyone. not one word. All she will do is blink at you. If you get a growl, consider yourself lucky. She goes to daycare during the day, so she's no stranger to mommy and daddy being gone during the day. So we were hoping that school wouldn't be too hard on the little princess.

Here she is before shool started. Eager to get in line.

In line waiting for the teacher to come out to get her and the other children.

and here is the little princess when the teacher came out.

She immediately started screaming when the teacher came out to get her. So she had to pick her up and carry her inside. But that's not all. A's crying started a very not-so-nice chain reaction of tears. By the time it all ended, about 15 children were screaming their heads off.
Nice, A. LOL

She apparently stopped a few minutes after school started when she noticed her friend, V in the class. Gave the teacher the cold shoulder for about 30 minutes. So my little booger got in about an hour and a half of learning. LOL Here's to hoping Monday is better!


Vanessa Friday, September 11, 2009 12:26:00 PM  

This just made me smile! I love how children just let it out when they don't want to do something. She is a DOLL...and love her friends' name he he!