Monday, December 8, 2008

Oh Shoot!

So Abby and I headed out in 28 degree weather (BRR!!) to a place where hubbs said was a nice place to take pics. He found it on a jogging path. So we headed back into the woods and found a couple of cool spots to take pics. The sun was unfortunately bright for 8:30am which was a bummer. These shots aren't great, but I do still like them. Just won't print them. lol
I was parked probably where I shouldn't have been. (We are on a huge military base) And this I found to be true right after we tried to pull out of the dirt lot. Here comes about 80 military troops with their attack dogs. Two tactical vehicles and a couple of pickup trucks. Ooops! I'm soooo in the way! So I just sat there in the truck as to not get MORE in the way. As they all pass me by waving at me and Abby and giving me those cutie-boy smiles those Marines like to give. LOL Whoops! took about 5 minutes for everyone to get by me, and then we were on our way. I'm always in the way no matter where I go. HAHA!