Monday, February 23, 2009

I ♥ Faces Week 7

Here we go again! :) It's week 7, and this week's theme is Black & White. Come see all of the entries here !

Here's my entry for the week:

To me, b&w screams classic, real life. And it doesn't get more real life than that! ;)


~ Kathy ~ Monday, February 23, 2009 7:14:00 PM  

OMGoodness!! Too funny!

Life with Kaishon Monday, February 23, 2009 7:42:00 PM  

Oh my gosh! This is TOO perfect. I LOVE it. It sure does scream real, that's for sure : ). She is going to kill you someday....

Melinda Monday, February 23, 2009 7:49:00 PM  

LOL - this is a classic : ) I am sure she will thank you for this later.

Allison Lewis Monday, February 23, 2009 8:13:00 PM  

That is a riot!! Thanks for making me laugh. :-)

Life with Kaishon Tuesday, February 24, 2009 8:03:00 AM  

I just came back to look again and to show my son : ). It is so cute!

Sharon Tuesday, February 24, 2009 2:39:00 PM  

bahaha!! LOVE IT! That is great, the black and white looks wonderful :)

drewmark19 Tuesday, February 24, 2009 8:22:00 PM  

That's hilarious. Even with the finger in the nose, she's adorable. Real, for sure!

Crystal Rae Wednesday, February 25, 2009 3:45:00 PM  

BuSTED... great shot!

Beautifully Unique Wednesday, February 25, 2009 5:37:00 PM  

That shot freaking rocks!!! Love it!

kam Friday, February 27, 2009 6:55:00 PM  

I just stumbled on your blog from another. IT IS GREAT! I love the signature you have at the end of each post, so fun! Your voice is hysterical! I will be back!! Kam

Abby*Lane Friday, February 27, 2009 7:26:00 PM  

Thanks, kam!!

and thank you to everyone on your Sweet comments!!

DawnS Saturday, February 28, 2009 10:25:00 AM  

Oh my goodness!!! I hadn't gotten to see your entry this week yet - congratulations on being in the top 10. This photo is hilarious!!!!

Dot O Saturday, February 28, 2009 10:33:00 AM  

I love this photo! I could have had an entire album filled with this kind of shot when my daughter was little - I always yelled, never thought to grab my camera.... my loss.

Congrats on making the top 10 with this!

Abby*Lane Saturday, February 28, 2009 11:36:00 AM  

Oh wow! thanks!!! I love I ♥ Faces!!

Puna Saturday, February 28, 2009 12:16:00 PM  

This is adorable. Congratulations! She may not like it when she's 14 though...

Becca Saturday, February 28, 2009 2:36:00 PM  

This picture cracks me up :-) so so cute! Congrats on being top 10!!

Life with Kaishon Saturday, February 28, 2009 6:20:00 PM  

I am so glad you were a winner with this picture this week! It was SO fun and perfect!

Julie Rivera Photography Saturday, February 28, 2009 6:25:00 PM  

You are right, it doesn't get more true to life than this picture! And every mother has a huge smile on her face when she sees it because we have all been there...just not with a camera in hand. Terrific job and a well deserved Top Ten finish!

Rachel Saturday, February 28, 2009 8:25:00 PM  

I am so cracking up. Didn't have time to hit all the links before the judge picked... so glad this one made Top Ten! Congrats!

Carebear Sunday, March 01, 2009 12:36:00 AM  

Great shot. Sorry I missed it this week. With 500+ entries, I wasn't able to comment or even see all the pics this go round! I love this - it's funny and cute and loveable! Congrats on top ten!

Vanessa Monday, March 02, 2009 5:02:00 AM  

Ok this a true CLASSIC!! I love everything about it!!! TO cute!!!