Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Funny haha's a'la Abby and Owen

Owen: Mommy, can I take a bath?
Me: No, Owen, but you can take one after dinner.
Owen: but Moooooooommmmmm! I smell like a pelican's antlers!
Me: hmm. that's pretty smelly. maybe you should get in the tub. LOL!!!!!!!!!

Abby: knock knock
me: who's there?
Abby: Banana
Me: Banana who?
Abby: Banana fell on the box's head

Daddy: Owen, do you have a girlfriend?
Owen: no. ewww
Mommy: I thought Gloria was your girlfriend?!
Owen: oh yeah, Gloria is my girlfriend!
Mommy: are you going to marry her and have gorgeous blonde haired, blue eyed babies?
Owen: No way, I don't like babies! They smell like poop.

Abby: mommy, can Izzy drive my barbie car? I want some french fries and she said she'd go get me some. (Izzy is a cat, btw LOL)

I love the simple funnies from my little ones. They grow up too fast!