Monday, May 26, 2008

In 3 weeks.....

In just 3 short weeks we will be moving from here

to here

Since gas prices are so darn high

we have decided to live on base.

Dh will have gone from a 1.25 hour commute each way to a 2 minute commute. Plus, we will have a commissarry on base to grocery shop at. A movie theater. A beach. Lots of pools. A bowling alley. Lots of restaurants. Parks. It made sense to do this. At least we will not have to write that ugly $1800 a month rent check anymore!!

Plus, how much more secure can you feel living in your home where the guards at your "gated community" carry machine guns? lol

Nick (who is going to be a senior in high school) was very upset knowing he had to leave his high school and start a new one being the "new guy with no friends" will now be in the same boat as about 1/4 of the high school. So now he's not as upset knowing that it shouldn't be as hard as he thought making friends. He wants to be a marine biologist, and the school he is looking at is only an hour away from base. So if Travis doesn't promote or get OCS (officer candidate school) like he is hoping for, I'll be just a short distance away from my first born. I told dh that when he moves out, I get a purse-sized dog to keep me company. that's my baby, 17 years old and almost 6 feet tall. but will always be my baby :(