Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holding my breath!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, deep breath now!
So the HR director called me this afternoon needing to know a little more information from me. (when my flight leaves on the 16th of January) She said that she'd love to offer me a position as long as the teacher of the class I need to take for the job agrees to let me take the final tests on another day, since the class is Jan 5th-16th. Holding my breath for 2 hours.
She called me back and it's a YES! All I have to do is meet with the branch manager tomorrow of the branch just off base (bummer it's not a 6 block commute, but it's still only a 4 mile one!), and if she likes me the job is mine!!

Insert happy dance here: :-) (-:

YAY! Everyone cross their fingers!!