Monday, December 15, 2008

Interview today.

I interviewed for a teller position at Marine Federal Credit Union today. It being wishful thinking, a couple of months ago, I faxed in my resume to the Human Resources director at the bank even though they had no openings. She called me and let me know that they had nothing available, but she said she was going to hold on to my resume. Well, Friday, she called me and said she had a part time position available at the branch here on base. Woohoo! How awesome would it be to have a 6 block commute??!! The funny thing about it all is that the second we got on base, I saw the building and said "I'm going to work there!"
Well, today was the big day. 10:30am, I arrived at the big corporate office building with the bright blue roof. Waited about 15 minutes and off we went to her office. It went well I think. I'm the type that doesn't BS when asked a question. I'm not going to say "because I think your bank is wonderful and stupendous and I think it's fabulous that you cater special to the military, whom I love so deeply" when she asks me why I want to work there. I said something to the effect of "for one, I loved working at a bank for 3 years. I was good at it. And honestly, I want to work somewhere I know I'd do well. And I need this job." she stopped, put down her pen, and said that she really appreciated the actual HONEST answer, and none of the "fluff" she had heard from most of the people she's interviewed for jobs in the last few months. I hope she wasn't the one being "fluffy" and was sincere. I see no point in bullsh!++ing people. I answered this way to a lot of her questions. At the end of it, I felt pretty good about being myself, making her laugh a lot, and being called to interview in the first place.
Wish me luck. It sounds like a perfect opportunity for me. Decent pay. Hours that will work around our childcare, and a dream commute!!